About Wholesale

Welcome to the world of Gurung Brothers Wholesale. We offer thousands of high quality products to the major “South Asian Ethnic Retail Stores” in US and across the world. Our products are authentic, great and good for health. Our mission is to accommodate all our customers with affordable price and an excellent customer service.

Wholesale Order Requirements:

1. All orders have to come either through emails or over phone contacts. Our Email is info@gurungbrothers.co and phone numbers are: daytime – 01-402-671-3929 or 01-402-553-7666, Nighttime – 01-402-812-5616 or 01-402-812-9320.

2. The orders have to be minimum of 1 full palate or not less than 100 kg.

3. The orders will be delivered from 7 to 15 days after the payment is made.

4. Any full container orders will be delivered from 25 to 45 days after the payment is made.

5. All payments shall be made through wire transfer, credit card or checks.

Registration/Create an Account

At Gurungbrothers.co, we strongly encourage you to register with us during the checkout process. Registration is not mandatory to complete checkout, but by registering you receive the following benefits:

  • Access special sections of the site, such as the Register Account section, where you can track current orders, view old ones, and update your billing and shipping information.
  • Reorder quickly by browsing through the items you’ve purchased in the past with our Rapid Reorder feature.
  • When contacting Customer Service Specialist regarding your order, we can quickly and easily see all past orders for registered users.

All of the information we receive from you in the registration process is transmitted over a secure server and kept in a secure location. You can only access your information after logging in with the unique e-mail and password combination you created during registration.

Please create an account with us


Sometimes we temporarily run out of stock of some items due to high volume of demand. If this is the case for an item you order, we will send you an out-of-stock e-mail within 24 business hours. If you have a time-constraint on your order please send e-mail at info@gurungbrothers.co immediately so that our Order Support team will work with you for a solution. You may also feel free to contact our Customer Service Specialist (Day Time: 01-402-671-3929, Night time: 01-402-812-5616) to check stock on the items you’re purchasing before your order is placed to ensure availability.

Canceling/Modifying an Order

Please contact us immediately if you would like to cancel the order. If an order is already processing in our warehouse and being packed to ship, we cannot guarantee that the order can be canceled. In order to maintain accuracy and efficiency in our order process, we are unable to alter any orders after they have been placed.

If you would like to add to or modify your order in any way, please contact a Customer Service Specialist to cancel the order so you can reorder exactly what you need! Though we don’t ship on the weekends, our warehouse workers do work on the weekends in order to get ready for shipment on Mondays. If the order is packed to ship and billed out, the order will not be cancelled. If we cannot cancel an order because it has already shipped from our warehouse, please see our returns procedures.

Email Communication

Our best means of communication with the customers is via email. We update all the information to customers regarding products and orders through email. Therefore, please provide us with a valid email address. We welcome customers to contact us via email, chat or phone, if you have any questions.

Online Security

Please note to ensure our customers’ safety online, all orders go through security checks before we start processing them. Keep this in mind while ordering, as there may be a slight delay between when you place the order and when we start processing it. For a small percentage of orders, we may request additional information via email to help ensure the order’s validity.

Payment Methods

Charges and Authorizations

Charges are only billed to your credit card or check once your items ship from our warehouse. You will be charged for the total order at the time of the first shipment, even if your items will be shipped at several different times. When you place an order, an authorization is placed on your funds in the amount of your order. An authorization is a communication from your bank to our payment system letting us know your card or check is valid and the required funds are available. On your bank statement these authorizations may show as “pending,” but please keep in mind they are not charges. They are only authorization requests and will only result in a charge when your items ship.

Please note that credit card companies may differ in how long authorizations are held.

Payment Methods

We accept wire transfer, credit card payment (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover) and check payments. Please note: once we receive the check there will be a 5 business day waiting period prior to processing your order as your check clears. To expedite the waiting period, you may send a certified check for payment. We can begin processing your order as soon as a certified check is received. You can also contact Customer Service (Day Time: 01-402-671-3929, Night time: 01-402-812-5616) or email at info@gurungbrothers.co after the order is placed if you’d like to mail a check, certified check, or wire transfer. Please note the order will be on hold until funds are received.


All of our pricing is listed in US dollars. When ordering outside of the United States, the funds are converted to the local currency of the ordering country on your credit card statement. Since we only charge items as they are shipped, the rate of exchange is adjusted at the time your order is shipped, and not when the order is placed. Credit card companies may charge a currency conversion fee. Please contact your bank for further details.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Most prepaid credits are accepted. Please note that all credit card companies have differing policies for how long authorizations are held. Please contact your credit card company with any questions.

Privacy Policy

Information Collection & Use

Gurungbrothers.co is the sole owner of the information that is collected from customers on this site. We do not share any information about you with third parties in any way. Customer information is used by Gurung Brothers Store to:

  • Process orders
  • Provide a personalized shopping experience for registered customers
  • Send e-mail newsletters full of specials and helpful information to those who opt to receive them
  • Monitor traffic patterns to improve our site’s functionality and user-friendliness

We collect customer information with one goal in mind: Serving you to the best of our ability!


At Gurungbrothers.co, we make ensuring your security while shopping on our site a top priority. To do this we employ the best security available on the net for transmitting your personal information: SSL. SSL safeguards your information and guarantees your privacy while ordering through our site.

Sharing Information

At Gurungbrothers.co, we use outside companies to ship orders and to process credit card transactions. We only provide these companies with the appropriate and necessary information. They do not store, share, or retain this information in any way.

Tell a Friend

When you elect to refer Gurungbrothers.co to a friend, we ask for your friend’s e-mail address to send the referral. After the referring e-mail is sent we do not store your friend’s e-mail address. It is solely used to send the one time e-mail.

Updating User Information

Registered customers can update their user information at anytime by logging in and accessing the Register Account section of our site.

Returns Policy

To return items shipped please contact a Customer Service Specialist to request a return within 1 day of delivery. Items must be unused and in the original packaging that was received. Please contact us as soon as possible so a return request can be submitted. Although we attempt to receive a return authorization for all items, please note that some items on our website are made-to-order and cannot be returned.

The return-shipping fee is the responsibility of the customer submitting the request. For international returns, you will be responsible for the brokerage fees, duties, and taxes that may be applied. These fees may be applied after the return has been completed.

Shipping Policy

Canadian Shipments

Orders shipped via DHL into Canada may incur additional duties, taxes, and other fees to cross the border. These charges will be billed to you directly from DHL. The charge shown on our site’s shipping calculator will not show these fees.

Orders shipped via common carrier require a broker to facilitate the import of your items into Canada. We will contact you before processing the order to inquire which brokerage company you are using if this information has not yet been provided. If you have already determined a broker for your shipment, please note this in the customer comments section of your order.

Keep in mind that we do our best to ship orders to Canada in one shipment but it is not always possible due to stock levels in our warehouses. On the occasion that we cannot ship in one, complete shipment you will be responsible for the extra brokerage fees that your broker may charge.

Damaged/Missing Items – Common Carrier

If any item or packaging is damaged or missing, or if you have any doubt about possible damage, you MUST do the following:

  • Note it clearly on the delivery receipt before signing
  • Keep your copy of the delivery receipt
  • Contact us within 1 business day
  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection
  • Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging

Our warehouse gives great attention to packaging every order for shipment. Unfortunately damage does occur occasionally during transit and we must go to the carrier company to receive reimbursement for these damages. By signing the delivery receipt you are taking responsibility and ownership for the shipment in the condition noted. If part or all of your shipment is damaged and you did not note this in any way on the delivery receipt, we CANNOT guarantee any compensation for damages. By signing your name on the delivery receipt without noting any damages, you are stating that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.

Damaged/Missing items – Ground

Great care is taken when packing your order, but on rare occasions damage may occur or an item may have been missed. If any part of your order is missing or damaged, please keep the items and packaging, and contact us within 3 business days of receiving your order so we can find a solution for you. Pictures of damage may be requested to help with the process.

Delivery Appointments

We suggest a delivery appointment for our commercial customers if there is any doubt of an authorized recipient being available to receive your order, or if your business hours do not fall within Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (the general timeframe that carrier deliveries occur). If no one is available to sign for the delivery when the driver attempts, there will be additional charges for redelivery to your location. In the event that we are unable to collect the redelivery fees before carrier storage fees are applied, the items will be returned to the shipping location. The returning freight will be processed as a standard return, which includes a restocking fee and return shipping taken from your credit.

Additionally, please keep in mind that if you require a time-specific delivery appointment in which the typical 4-hour window needs to be shortened, additional fees will apply. Be sure to provide a valid phone number during checkout so that your call before delivery does not delay your shipment.

Delivery Time

We’re dedicated to getting your order to you as fast as possible, so our warehouse strives to have orders processed and ready to ship within 7-15 business days (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., CST). Most products ship out of our Omaha warehouse. However, some items will be shipped directly from the manufacturer or foreign distributors, in which case the delivery times may vary. Common carrier deliveries range from 1 to 10 days for delivery, depending on your proximity to the shipping origin. Ground shipping can take anywhere from one to ten days. All delivery times are estimates.

For Wholesale, Second Day guarantees delivery of your order is not available. We atleast need 7 to 15 days for delivery.


In addition to the United States and Canada, we can ship most items via DHL Express to Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden etc…


Packaging is designed to keep the contents of your order safe from damage or mishandling of products. On occasion a shipment will be received with damage to the packaging. Because the packaging is designed to protect the products that we ship, compensation will not be offered for packaging damage. If the actual items in your shipment are damaged, please contact us right away so we can arrange for compensation or replacement. Occasionally, we will ship items in recycled boxes, which may contain descriptions unrelated to the products inside in an effort to be more eco-friendly. This practice also allows us to cut costs on packaging, which then is reflected into lower prices on our items. Be sure to inspect the actual items inside of the packaging before refusing a shipment due to incorrect information on the boxes.

Special Order Items

In order to maximize the products we’re able to offer to you, some items on our website are not normally stocked in our warehouses. These items may be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer, or brought into our warehouse with our next stock order from the manufacturer and then shipped to you.

Please note – we are not always able to cancel special order items once the order is placed and may not be returnable.

Split Shipments

While we do try to consolidate shipments as much as possible, we cannot guarantee every item will ship together due to where items are sourced. If multiple shipments of your order are required, the full amount of the shipping costs will be charged in the first shipment. If you want part of your order sent expedited and the other part sent using standard Ground, please place two separate orders.